Introducing, The Cheater Chef

Hello Friends & Family of The Fit Frequent Flyer.

It’s been just over a year since I launched The Fit Frequent Flyer, and just like yours, my health and fitness journey continued to develop, change and mature since then. Blogging has given me a perspective into my strengths and interests that I don’t think I would have otherwise gotten had I not started The Fit Frequent Flyer.

The Fit Frequent Flyer has forced me explore aspects of myself and areas of interest that I hadn’t developed yet, the most obvious being cooking.  The ironic thing about this development is that I’m not a chef, nor will I ever be.  I envy the food connoisseur that can take a bite from a dish and know exactly how to recreate it at home. Not me.  Or the person that looks at the random ingredients remaining fridge and turn their kitchen into a successful episode of Chopped.  Also, not me.

What can I do….I can follow a recipe.  I follow instructions and deliver the dish flawlessly – most of the time.  What I can also do is improvise.  I can make a quick and easy, 30 minute meal with minimal ingredients.  Is it as healthy as made from scratch, no.  Is it as low in sodium, or as organic, or as labored as a from scratch?  No, no, and no.  But, most of us don’t have time for from scratch, home cooked meals.  The #1 reason why people don’t cook healthy at home is time.  The second reason – healthy cooking is too expensive. Critics may say that the meals aren’t perfect, but I’m not perfect – who is?

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We don’t need perfection to be healthy.  We have busy lives filled with jobs, kids, exercise, hobbies, relationships, etc.  We could ALL benefit from eating healthier more often.  My goal is to make it easy for you.  To cheat your way to a healthier, and full disclosure, more plant based diet.

The Cheater Chef is here to teach you how to cheat your way healthy – to get you closer to home healthy cooking than you ever thought possible and without braking the bank.  For those of you who are naturally gifted cooks, I think you have a place here too.  Everyone wants and needs the occasional fast, yet healthy, dinner.  You can still be an authentic chef and cheat occasionally – I won’t tell.

I want to hear from you.   What are your biggest healthy cooking challenges?  Finish this sentence: I would cook healthy meals at home more often if I had_______________________?

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