About Me!

Hi!  I’m Heidi, aka, The Fit Frequent Flyer to some of you.

I decided to start The Cheater Chef when I realized how intimidated people are by cooking healthy meals.  Ironically, so am I!  I make healthy, home cooked meals because I know a truly healthy diet starts at home in the kitchen.

I envy the easy and creativity of true chefs.  I’m inspired by shows like Top Chef, but inspiration without skill is unsuccessful.  I marvel at delicious Pinterest recipes and am in awe of food bloggers.  Thank God for those creative and talented folks! I’m fantastic at following a recipe, and without their recipes I’d still be the girl eating oatmeal three times a day – True Story.

They say “practice makes perfect,” but in my case practice makes a really good cheater. Over the years, I’ve gotten good at finding my way around the kitchen and creating healthy and tasty meals, but I’ve gotten even better at cheating my way there.

Bottom line, we are all busy.  When I’m not traveling for work, I have a very flexible schedule working from home, and even I struggle to find the time to make a grocery list, meal prep, and spend an hour or more in the kitchen putting a healthy meal on the table.  I also don’t have the patience to read and follow a lengthy recipe.   Who has the time?

So, I cheat.  I know what I enjoy eating, I know how to eat healthy, and I find a way to get it on the table quickly without sacrificing flavor.

I am not your creative, talented food blogger.  I am you.  I am striving for optimal health while managing a crazy, busy life.

I hope The Cheater Chef demonstrates how easy and inexpensive eating healthy can be, and I hope it inspires you to get in the kitchen and cook, even if you have to cheat.

Thanks for being my inspiration.